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One of the hurdles on the way of intellectual property registration is that trade marks can clash. Well, once  you are not sure of the originality of the mark of your new product or service, you may choose to eliminate the chance of your mark being opposed after registration by asking for a search of anteriority to be conducted a priori. At OAPI, it takes usually 10 clear days for the search report to get back to the applicant.

The details we shall require to prepare and file your application for search of anteriority would include:

  1. Name or reproduction of the trademark/service mark;
  2. Classes of goods/service;

It may happen that you do not have the full details of an IP you are sure is registered. You may even have the full details but require confirmation. Here you apply for a search of identity.

In this case all we shall require to prepare and file your application is the registration number or application number (or the name of the mark in marginal cases).