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With OAPI Licence n° 0090/OAPI/DG/SCAJ, the firm was established by IP practitioners with acknowledged skills and expertise in all the branches of Intellectual Property practice. After long years of experience in various law firms in Cameroon, the present partners came together to incorporate this moral person, SCP Global Africa IP, in order to parry the problem inherent in the fleeting nature of physical personality in business formation. The firm is thus a partnership with a duration of 99 years and more. With this, the firm will continue to represent our clients beyond the short life time of each individual partner. Plus, with many partners, someone will always be there with a vested interest to attend the client (who will remain king until further notice).


To let our clients draw the benefit of sublime and sterling quality services, the firm is specialized in IP and only IP practice. This has earned us the reputation for expeditiousness and expediency. It has also come to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of filings at OAPI. All the applications filed by this IP forwarding and confirming house have consolidated the rights of our clients to their satisfaction. So far our client-base is Africa, Middle East, Far East, Europe, Asia and the Americas. 


SCP Global Africa IP operates from an accessible location with offices in Yaoundé, approved by the Cameroon Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development as more than adequate for IP practice. Here, your rather important documents in our keeping are safe, moreso as our offices is own property.


We have a very rich library (updated regularly) containing all the IP materials required for satisfactory practice. Our library contains all the OAPI Official Gazettes published since 1966.


We are bilingual in English and French. Since these are also the official languages of OAPI, we are able to receive instructions in either language and communicate with our clients in intelligible form.


The firm’s attorneys are accurate in their responses and time-efficient. Matters handled by us do not suffer undue delays. Plus, we do a minute-by-minute reporting to our clients.

The firm has nine partners.