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Maître Henry Feh (Managing partner)

With OAPI-Licence n° 0047/OAPI/DG/DPG/SCAJ, Henry, is a Certified Industrial Property Agent. After acquiring sufficient experience in the field, he headed the IP department of a prominent law firm in Cameroon from 1998.

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 Eugene Gana

Eugene Gana (Partner)

Born in Cameron in 1963, Eugene is a specialist in Building Engineering, Bluiding Industry and Sanitary System. He heads the patent department and spends his spare time exploring the patent world and reading patent law materials.

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 Graham Yumbi

Graham Yumbi (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1959, Graham is owner of numerous trademarks. He is the one financial partner to the firm. Most of the applications we file at OAPI are pre-financed. When we have a great number of applications to file at once, it requires funding. Graham joined the firm to fill this yawning gap.

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Marilyn Keng Nasang (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1977, Linnie is in charge of managing the firm’s gargantuan portfolio of North American clients. She monitor’s their IP rights and oversees the watch service.

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Conrad Ndikum (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1985, Conny is in charge of marketing and public relations. With his age he had to fight fiercely to have and maintain this front office position. He is a talented PRO. His special skills in marketing has come to guarantee the business plans of the firm. He also does investigations and organizes raids. Yet, Conny works on Domain Names.

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Maître James Achuo (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1970, Jimmy is in charge of the Utility Models and Industrial Models department. He prepares applications for filing and assists Henry Feh as revisor of all applications prior to filing. As a trial lawyer he defends the interest of the firm’s clients fiercely with verve and conviction.

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Honorine Fotso (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1978, Honorine is in charge of Technology and Data Management. Organized as she is, she also takes care of the administrative management of the firm. She reviews all applications for recordal in the special register.

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Dickson Mokom (Partner)

Born in Cameroon, 1976, Dikson is in charge of computer and secretarial management, library management and filing.

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Rosette FORKOM (Research Assistant)
Born in Cameroon, 1980, Rosette does the adminstrative preparation of trademark applications for filing.

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